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High Efficiency Refining Ageng for Primary Solidified Silicon PF VLP 200

High Efficiency Refining Ageng for Primary Solidified Silicon PF VLP 200

  • Product Item : Probat-Fluss VLP 200
  • Product description:Primary Grain Refining agent Probat-fluss VLP 200contain Crystallizers, is effective and rapidly to get a granular structure and even distribution of the solidified silicon.
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High Efficiency Refining Ageng for Primary Solidified Silicon


Agent for the grain refining of primarily solidified silicon in eutectic and hypereutectic aluminium casting alloys applicable for all casting alloys, e. g. AlSi12, AlSi17Cu4Mg, AlSi18CuNiMg

Applicati on Range:

PROBAT-FLUSS VLP 200 can be added to the crucible or to the launder. The addition into the launder or during the cleaning of the melt with an impeller has proved to be very eff ective.

Quality Characteristics:

• is a metallic master alloy in form of rods

• does not require long reacti on times

• can be used even at low temperature

• provides a granular structure

• refines the primary silicon

• provides a homogenous, even distribution of the silicon

• dissolves immediately in the melt, without leaving any residues

Additi on Rate:

0.5–2.5 kg/t of the metal weight. An effect is already obtained at 0.5 kg/t (0.1 Gew.-%) The iron content increases function-conditionally due to the addition. However, this content is normally below the tolerance limit and does not influence the alloy.

Product Applicati on:

PROBAT-FLUSS VLP 200 can be added like grain refining wires. Usual wire advancing machines can be used. The charge by hand is easy as well by adding rod sections to the melt during the melt treatment or cleaning with an impeller.

Typical Properties:

Appearance: aluminium rods

Odour: odourless

Reacti on temperature: from melt temperature


Rods of 1m of length (approximately 300g)

loose rods, bundled

Storage and Shelf Life:

No special requirements


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