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High Quality Middle heat Conductivity Coating 2812GHigh Quality Middle heat Conductivity Coating 2812G

High Quality Middle heat Conductivity Coating 2812G

  • Product Item : Cillolin Al 2812G
  • Product description:Choice of the gravity Die Casting influence the quality of casting parts, such as fuluidity and the mould filing of the melt, the casting surface, the solidification regulation etc.
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High Quality Middle heat Conductivity Coating 2812G

Semi-insulating gravity die coating with improved sedimentation characteristics。

Application Range:

CILLOLIN AL 2812G is suitable for use on steel and grey cast iron dies in the low pressure Al gravity die casting and in the gravity casting.

Quality Characteristics:

• middle heat conductivity (semi-insulating)

• reduces the downtime caused by cleaning and recoating

• increases the productivity

• produces a uniform surface structure on the casting part and prevents cold laps

• prevents sedimentati on from occurring too rapidly by means of a thixotropic agent

• ensures excellent adhesion, especially regarding movable parts of the die

• ensures the highest level of dimensional accuracy

• facilitates the removal of completed casting parts from the die

• in that order AL 2812G improved fluidity of the melt by increasing depth of roughness of the casting surface

Addition Rate:

Dilute with soft ened water at a ratio of 1 : 3

Product Application:

Before application, blast the gravity die thoroughly, heat up to a temperature of at least 150°C or better 230°C, and apply the ready-to-use coating thinly and uniformly.

To increase the level of isolation, additional layers can be applied. Before pouring, the gravity die must be heated up sufficiently.

Typical Properties:

Appearance: reddish, pasty

Odour: odourless

Gravity die temperature: at least 150°C up to 300°C


Concentrate – homogenized in cans of 40, 15, 8 and 1 kg.

Storage and Shelf Life:

Protect from temperatures below 5°C. The shelf life is at least 6 months if properly stored.


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