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High Quality Refining Agent ARSAL 2135 High Quality Refining Agent ARSAL 2135 High Quality Refining Agent ARSAL 2135 High Quality Refining Agent ARSAL 2135

High Quality Refining Agent ARSAL 2135

  • Product Item : Arsal 2135
  • Application1: Hypoeutectic & Eutectic Al alloys
  • Characteristic: Low Bath Temperature
  • Application: aluminium wrought and casting alloys
  • Function: Cleansing and skimming
  • Product description:Arsal 2135 is a kind of high quality environmental friendly cleansing and skimming agent. Widely used in the spare parts production of famous brand cars, trains, air crafts etc. It could significately
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High Quality Cleansing and Skimming Agent ARSAL 2135

Highly compacted cleansing and skimming agent for low bath temperatures for all hypoeutectic and eutectic aluminium, wrought and casting alloys. such as e. g.: G-AlSi10Mg, G-AlSi7Mg, G-AlSi8Cu3, G-AlSi12 and G-AlZn10Si8.

ARSAL 2135 binds the oxides and transport them to the surface by a flotation process whereby a low-metal dross is obtained by the reduction of the surface tension. In additi on to that during the treatment with an impeller the oxides are bound on the melt surface.
ARSAL 2135 is a highly compacted preparation. Therefore, nearly no dust is released and because of its specific composition it can also be used in a temperature range far below 700°C of the aluminium melt. The high degree of compacti on permits an intensive reacti on with the oxides which can easily be controlled thanks to the compactness of the granules (discolorati on and dissoluti on).

Applicati on Range:
ARSAL 2135 stands out by good storage stability and is applicable within a wide reacti on range, i.e. it can also be used in the lower temperature range (below 700°C) of the aluminium melt. It is applicable for all aluminium, wrought and casting alloys which may contain small quantities of sodium (<10 ppm).

Quality Characteristics:
• removes oxides from the melt by fl otati on and reduces the hydrogen content
• forms mixing phases with the oxides and adheres to the oxide by energetically low surface tension

• produces a fine, powdery and low-metal dross
• prevents the formati on of corundum and its adherences
• works in all types of furnaces and crucibles
• permits the easy removal of adherences on crucible walls
• is of very low smoke and odour emission

Addition Rate:
Depending on the level of impurities 0.05 – 0.25 % by weight or lower.
(rule of thumb: half the quanti ty compared with the powder additi on).

Product Application:
Add ARSAL 2135 in the pouring stream and sti r it with a bell. When using it as cleansing preparati on, submerge the required additi on slowly and carefully into the melt. Gently sti r the rising fl otati on products with a well pre-heated and coated tool until a fully reacted dross forms and then skim it off.
ARSAL 2135 is highly suitable for the automatic additi on with an impeller system (e.g. MBU of the company FUCO-HEG). ARSAL 2135 is particularly designed for being used at low casting temperatures.

Typical Properties:
Appearance: blue granules
Odour: odourless
Reacti on temperature: from approximately 660°C (higher temperatures accelerate the reaction)

1,000kg big bags. Special packaging units are available, e.g. 25kg bags, 3-fold with plastics lining.

Storage and Shelf Life:
Store in a cool place (below 32°C/90°F); keep container dry and tightly closed. The shelf life is at least 6 months if properly stored.


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